Words From Alan

Alan's letter to his Mom, Shirley

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Alan's letter to his Mom, Shirley
Letter to Charlie
Alan's letter to His
Step Father Charlie Hawkins
Little Sandy Review
Little Sandy Review Magazine
John Lee Hooker
John Lee Hooker-
an Appreciation by Alan Wilson
Robert Pete Williams
Robert Pete Williams - His Life and Music,
an Article by Alan Wilson
Charles Holloway
“The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Faith,”
according to John Fahey
written by Alan using the pseudonym,
Charles Holloway, Esq.

Original Documents in Alan's Handwriting

Baby Please Don't Go

Banty Rooster Blues

Comments on the Scales

Down the Dirt Road

Dry Well Blues #1

Dry Well Blues #2

Green River Blues

Hammer Blues

It Won't Be Long

-Other Comparisons 1

-Other Comparisons 2

Pony Blues 1

Pony Blues 2

Pony Blues 3

Scale of
12 Choruses

The Kind of Success I Want

Tom Rushen Blues


Observations 2