Contributors to Alan's Site

Lisa Lindenberg and Heidi Galgowski - Sisters of Alan Wilson. Lisa and Heidi are the driving force behind the movement to remember Alan. They have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to this site and Alan's wishes to preserve the Redwoods. Lisa lives in New York and is the proud mother of three grown daughters. Heidi lives in Connecticut with her wonderful family, a husband and two sons.

Rebecca Winters

Rebecca Davis has been studying the life and music of Alan Wilson for nearly two decades. In 2007, she published the biography Blind Owl Blues, available through her website at Since publication, the book has sold hundreds of copies worldwide and continues to receive positive reviews from fans and musicians alike. She works as a freelance writer, consultant, and crafter of custom designed wood and mineral items.

Webmaster - Al Lindenberg , the former son-in-law of Joeseph and Shirley Konecny, has been the driving force in designing and presenting the vast amounts of video, audio, pictures, magazine articles and other information gathered in memory of Alan by family, friends and fans throughout the years.
Al is also the wemaster of such sites as, John Finley Photographer, and Entercap.